Our Valuable Team Members

A training company is only as good as it’s trainers and the last course they taught…

At XET our first aid trainers are a diverse mix of individuals who are handpicked to deliver each and every course.

Each one of them is sector competent within their own speciality, through years of real-life experience; as well as being experienced trainers with credible teaching backgrounds and qualifications (see quality assurance for more information)

XET trainers are constantly on the go; learning new skills and more importantly practising the basics. They are all subject to review and auditing on any course at any time and proactively develop themselves through CPD (continued professional development).

John Greenfield
Registered Paramedic HCPC. Remote Health Care Practitioner IRHC. Rope Access/Rope Rescue Supervisor, IRIA, ERCA, IRATA
Alan Moffat
Alan MoffatDirector of Operation Training
John Ferguson
John Ferguson
John is ex infantry serving with the Kings Own Scottish Borders. He is a qualified CMT1 and a Captain in the Army Reserves National Training Team.

John works as a first responder for medical events when not training in remote medicine and close protection training in Iraq, Africa and the Middle East for high profile international corporate companies.

John is also responsible for XETs Internal Quality Assurance.